The development of this Strategic Plan, 2012-2016, Ethiopia Adventist College (EAC) portrays directions for new development plans forthe college. The strategic plan signifies the dreams and visions of the College Board, administration, staff and faculty. It is the result of a broad consultation process which has taken over couple of months to complete and is the formal step towards development and change for the betterment of the college. Based on the mission and vision statements of the college, the administration has agreed that strategic plan will help the college focus on its development in order to render better services to its constituency and the community.

     In the past 69 years of its existence EAC has achieved many developmental milestones which have laid the foundation for our current development. The college has grown from simple high school to two years diploma, and now to a degree granting college. Much growth and development have been recorded in terms of infrastructure, manpower, and student populations. Nevertheless, there remain many challenges for EAC to overcome and move forward towards the accomplishment of its mission. The basis for this five years strategic plan is the need for change to render better and efficient services to the community. We believe that the next five years will be an exciting chapter in the EAC history. It is our sincere hope that EAC will continue to shine and expand its range of options and opportunities through this strategic plan.


     Ethiopia Adventist College, as a Seventh-day Adventist institution, believes that all true knowledge and development has its source in God the Creator and is made available to man through a variety of channel. This knowledge enables man to appreciate life and to face problems that arise.  It includes our heritage from the past as well as the knowledge obtained from research.


     Ethiopia Adventist College envisions to be a center of excellence by 2016, a university fostering the highest standards of education in Ethiopia, by advancing knowledge and professional skills holistically, through research, extension, and training in the service of God and humanity.


     Ethiopia Adventist College exists to provide holistic education for character transformation and the uplifting of the individual, the community and the society through teaching, research and development activities. 


Goal 1:  To achieve quality education that meets the requirements of the government and stakeholders.

Goal 2:  To promote research and development activities among students, faculty and staff, for their continued academic and professional development that will benefit the local, national, and international communities.  This will be attained through:

Goal 3:  To promote the physical health of the students, as it is so much interrelated to one’s intellectual capabilities, through theoretical and practical training aimed at increasing general health and safety in their current and future life, through:

Goal 4:  To promote the entrepreneurial development plans of the government by designing technical, vocational, and training programs that the students can use in developing their respective communities, through:

Goal 5:  To enhance the spiritual, ethical, and aesthetic development of the students through provision of unwavering principles inculcated in the curriculum and in the diverse co-curricular activities, which will holistically contribute to the creation of a good and just society.  

Goal 6:  To advance the social and civic awareness and skills of the students, and promote their appreciation for and participation in the social programs as responsible citizens, cultural heritage preservation and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their service in their communities.